The Dark Elves Part 2

Five more classes of The Dark Elves have been unveiled.

  • Slave
  • Deathknight
  • Battlemaster
  • Warlock
  • Havoc

Marc 'Plex' Olbertz
Community Manager

Magic - Information and Background

Magic, the mystical energy, that is such an integral part of SpellForce - The Order of Dawn has now been unveiled. Details on the elemental portion of combat are now available in the Magic and Combat section. Additionaly, this week's screenshot focuses on a female Avatar fighting off a horde of Dark Elves and a gigantic spider.

Marc 'Plex' Olbertz
Community Manager

Exile of the Dark Elves

I am proud to announce another race of the world of SpellForce: The Dark Elves.
This is my favourite of all the races.
For details and background of the dark elves check out the Races section.
Meanwhile Phenomics personal bard Arne "Mortannon" introduces to you another stunning chapter of the SpellForce background story: Exile.

Marc 'Plex' Olbertz
Community Manager

E3 Awards

Phenomic and JoWooD proudly announce that SpellForce has been awarded by the german Game Magazines PC Games and Gamestar for this years E3 presentation as:

PC Games

Rank #1 - E3 Strategy Highlight


Rank #2 - E3 Strategy Hits

The Demon's 6th Dream

The team just came back from this years E3 in Los Angeles. After a small regeneration phase we can show you a new big update.
The Enemies & Monsters rubric has been filled with the scary demons. Also a new chapter called The 6th Dream has been added to the story section which has been written by our local bard Arne "Mortannon".

Marc 'Plex' Olbertz
Community Manager

SpellForce E3 Preview by Gamespy

Online gamesite Gamespy has posted it's E3 preview of SpellForce. They also show some nifty, new screenshots. Here is a taste of the comments:
"What's going to knock you out is the oh-so-tasty graphics. If you play it like an RTS, you'll get a good view of the area, but the real show is when you're in first-person mode. There you will see highly detailed and finely animated 3D characters going about their business, whether it be healing friendly units, gathering wood or building new structures.
"With that kind of graphical horsepower combined with cross-genre appeal, SpellForce: The Order of Dawn will hopefully persuade the makers of other RTS games to pick up their game or be left behind."
E3 Preview by Gamespy

Marc 'Plex' Olbertz
Community Manager

Human Update and Screenshot of the Week

We’ve completed our tour of the Human-Units in the Races section today.
Additionally you’ll find a new chapter by Arne “Mortannon” Oehme about the Humans in our Story section.

Today’s Screenshot of the Week shows you a Fire-Elemental engaged in deadly combat with some Goblins. Elementals can be summoned by the Avatar and make up one of the many tactical options of the game.

SpellForce Preview @ withingames

whithingames, a German online gaming site, today released a preview of SpellForce - The Order of Dawn. Next to the first impressions they also present some interesting screen shots.

The Humans - First Units

Today the SpellForce-Team is proud to present a new race. The month of April bears the mark of the Humans, who – just like the Elves – belong to the light side. As starter we’ve collected some facts about this new race and present 5 of their units in detail. Further units will follow in the course of the next weeks.

Additionally our Screenshot of the Week shows a burning Human village grimly defending itself against a Demon attack.

Screenshot of the Week - Night Battle!

Our screenshot of the week shows you an Elven army led by the Avatar in a nightly attack on an orcish settlement. The success of this assault may be doubted, as the Orcs are supported by combat experienced Ogres.

Additionally our author Arne „Mortannon“ Oehme has finished the second part of his background story „Guardian in the Mountain“.

Weekly Update - A Goblin screenshot, a Demon wallpaper and the making-of an Orcish fighter!

This time our weekly update contains a new wallpaper and a making-of picture, next to our usual screenshot of the week.

On our screenshot you can watch the player avatar fight a horde of trouble seeking Goblins.
And although these guys are rather weak, they can get pretty nasty, if encountered in a mob.

On our new wallpaper you can watch a Demon in action, casting a massive fire spell.

Additionally we offer you a new making-of shot. On it you can see a meshed Orc fighter and the same model finally texturized.

Screenshot of the Week - What a Wonderful World!

To prove that the world of SpellForce consists not only of death and destruction, this week we present a close-up of a Wintermage, peacefully strolling through a beautiful Elven settlement. Enjoy!

SpellForce live at the CeBit!

For the first time a movie of the alpha version of SpellForce will be presented to the public at the CeBit tradeshow (March, the 12th till 19th)! If you are eager to see SpellForce in action be sure to visit the following manufacturers as they will show the movie at their booth:

NVIDIA (Hall 23, B26), Micro Star International (MSI - Mainboard/Video Cards - Hall 22, B06), and Xelo AG (Video Cards, TFTs and System Memory - Hall 23, A45).

You will be able to watch 30 minutes of actual gameplay and tag along with the female avatar to venture in real time through the world of "Eloni", realm of the elves.
On her way she faces action packed adventures with her party. The avatar needs to use all her abilities to unleash a firework of magic destruction.
Be sure not to miss this unique opportunity.


A journey back in time!

Today, in our big Friday update, we would like to invite you on a journey back in time. In our Enemies & Monsters section you’ll find creatures that belong to the oldest beings on the world of SpellForce – Animal Men and Primal-Beasts.

Furthermore we’ve got a new from-drawing-board-to-final-model picture and a new movie in our Making Of section. And as special treat our local bard Arne „Mortannon“ added a new fascinating story to our Story section. It’s so big that we had to split it in two and will present you the second part with the next update.

SpellForce-Chief in chat with "Computer and Videogames" and "RPGDot"

Phenomic/SpellForce lead designer Volker Wertich in a Q&A session with members from „Computer and Videogames“ and „RPGDot“, describing the ins-and-outs of the technical amazing PC RTS SpellForce.

The complete english interviews:
Computer and Videogames

Screenshot of the week - In the midst of it!

You do not know pain, you do not know fear – Today you will taste… the REAL thing! Experience the action in this close up shot of hand to hand fighting between Orcs and the coalition of Humans and Elves.

Orc-Update - The remaining units

We've completed the Orc-Units in the Races section today. If you look closely you will notice that the Veteran is now holding a different weapon in his claw - it seems he turned a wrong corner in the armory the last time and falsely ended up with an orcish cutlass.

Approximately sometime next week we will also be able to introduce to you a new group of foes in our Enemies & Monsters section.

Until then, wanderer!

Weekly Update - Monster Wallpaper

We have created a completely new wallpaper, waiting for your download in the „Wallpapers“ section of our Gallery.

It shows a Fire-Golem and a Demon. One would not want to get to close to either of them, unless backed by a massive armed force …

Screenshot of the week - Panoramic view of an Orcish settlement

As today’s special treat we offer you a panoramic view of an Orcish settlement at sunset. This tranquil scene is disturbed by the presence of some Skeletons and a Drakeling.

Screenshot of the week - Shadow of the Orcs.

In the wild steppes of Fiara, with many ferocious enemies on the prowl, even the Orcs have to continuously watch their backs.

Only under great pain and effort can they thwart a heinous attack by a band of Drakelings, but see for yourself:


It`s Orc time..

The SpellForce Team is proud to present to you a new race today. The brooding shadows of the Orcs will be present all through February, while we explore these dark creatures.

As starter we've prepared some facts 'n' figures about the Orcs and we'll look at five of their units in detail.

We also added a new chapter by Author Arne Oehme to our Story section.

For all you audiophiles out there: A brand new SpellForce track was added to our Music section.


Screenshot of the week - They are attacking!

This week's screenshot shows you a band of Orcs attacking a peaceful Elven settlement.

Additionally there's another sketch drawing of a dangerous monster waiting for you in our Making-Of-Section.

Have fun,


SpellForce Goodies

Today we present to you the FIRST official "screenshot of the week". We will update this section every Tuesday with a new shot and once in a while plan to add a little extra for you.

This week's screenshot shows you a Manticore surprise attack on an Elven settlement.

Additionally we offer you a sample of music from SpellForce:
"Order of Dawn" is played as soon as the player's avatar encounters the Order of Dawn, and will serve as musical theme whenever the player sets foot on the Orders territory. The Order of Dawn owns land and facilities throughout the known regions of the world.

Have fun,


Official SpellForce Trailer

As special surprise we would like to offer you our first official SpellForce-Trailer for download. This trailer was released in Germany slightly modified on the February DVD issues of PC-Games and GameStar magazines.

And as if this wasn't enough, we would like to point out and welcome the first fan site URL's in our links section. A big hand and compliments to all of you webmasters out there - respect for a job well done! In return for your efforts we've added two more in game screenshots to our screenshots section.

Now is also the time to make a mental note concerning our next update. With it we plan to introduce a new race, as well as another group of foes! Enough reason for you to remain curious, we believe.

Until next time,


SpellForce New Year Update

To give you all an interesting start into the new year, we've added some really hot surprises to our website. You will now be able to access information about all Elven units in the Races Overview and we also finished our extensive insight into the Undead and their fighting force in the Enemies & Monsters Area. Next to these goodies we supplemented our Story Section with another background story.

Furthermore we proudly announce that the current German DVD issues of PC-Games and GameStar magazines (02/2003) host our brand new SpellForce trailer which will also be available for download on this website in the course of this month.

Regards & all the best for 2003,


Xmas surprise

After last weeks successful launch of our website we would first like to thank you all very much for the great feedback you gave us.

As Christmas is close at hand, we've decided to delight you with a couple of special treats for the holiday season and New-Years eve!

We updated our Gallery with some brand new screenshots and there also is a new wallpaper available for download. Next to this, we added another animation video to the Making-of-Area and a fan-site kit, that allows you to create your own SpellForce webpage, is now waiting for you in the Downloads Section. Just send us a link to your page as soon as it is online, and we'll add it to our Links Section.

Beginning of next year there will be news and information concerning the Elves and Undead as well as further surprises.

Until then the complete SpellForce-Team wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New-Year.


Welcome to the official SpellForce website.

At long last, the wait is over: With the press coverage kicking into full force, we are going to start lifting the veil of secrecy (or at least part of it ;) and give you more details about "SpellForce - The Order of Dawn".

"SpellForce" is the latest creation of Phenomic Games , the team surrounding Volker Wertich, whose claim to fame includes designing and creating the world-famous "Settlers" series.

Information on this site comes to you straight from developers. Aside from weekly news updates, screenshots and general game information, we will also be giving you a glimpse behind the scenes with making-of videos, concept art, sketches and other goodies. In addition, every month will feature a closer look at a new race - first in line are the Elves.

If you have any questions, comments or requests, or just want to chat with others about the game, you might want to stop by the official forum, where Volker and other members of his team - as well as myself - will be more than happy to field your questions.


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