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Small Headquarter
Headquarters are administrative buildings. They determine the maximum head count of a settlement.

Middle Headquarter
A medium headquarter is required to manage larger armies.

Large Headquarter
A large headquarter allows for the largest possible army. This is also where the elven titan, the great Treant, is summoned.

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Hunting Lodge (Resource building)
From these buildings, up to five elven hunters set out into the forest to find food for the community.

Hunters' Guild (Resource building)
In the hunters' guild, the best hunters are trained, ensuring that even larger settlements can always be well supplied with food.

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Woodcutter Hut (Resource building)
For the elves, wood is the most important resources. A woodcutter's hut can employ up to five workmen, who can chop wood and process timber faster and more efficiently.

Master Woodcutter (Resource building)
In a master woodcutter's building, the best elven craftsmen are trained. No other race can hope to match their prowess in working this resource.